Eliminating opium poppy from Lao


Impoverishment and threat of rising poppy cultivation following ‘illusory’ eradication.

Olivier Ducourtieux , Silinthone Sacklokham, François Doligez.



>>> In few years, Lao PDR  evolved from the statute of third biggest  producer of opium poppy in the world to that of "opium free state". This success is part of the golden triangle history and results from the international will to fight and suppress the drugs market.


How did we achieve to eradicate opium poppy in Lao? What happened to the peasants-producers,

what did they become? Did it contribute to reduce poverty?

What kind of progress could be expected?


Olivier Ducourtieux is the Chairman of research and  compared agriculture of Agro-ParisTech, the eminent French school of Agriculture. he is presenting the results of his studies on opium eradication. this topic have been the subject of a recent collective publication, Malcolm Cairns editions. <<<



Thursday, 3rd of december, 2015

INALCO, 65 rue des Grands Moulins, Paris

Roundtable Conference.