FAIR PROJECT - Empowering upland ethnic Farmers in commercial Agriculture and Responsible Investments planning


1. Background


2018 marks the 10th anniversary of CCL' support to tea farmers in Nyot Ou District, Phongsaly Province. The project has been working with tea producers in the district since 2008 to improve tea production and processing and, ultimately, increase the income generated by smallholder farmers through this activity. Since 2016, CCL and Oxfam Laos have strengthened their partnership through the FAIR project to strengthen their support for tea producers in Nyot Ou District, with the aim, among other things, of strengthening farmers 'tea producers' groups on their organizational capabilities as well as on production, marketing, and marketing aspects.




In November 2017, a first mission was set up under the project to evaluate the tea value chain in Nyot Ou and highlight the possibilities for improvement, from production to marketing. In March 2018, the project carried out a second mission with the support of Oxfam and Mr. Ip, tea expert based in Hong Kong. In line with the findings and recommendations, the project initiated the establishment of treatment facilities and organized capacity building trainings with Anna-Maria Phayouphorn (Kinnari Tea Laos) and William Osmont (Farmerleaf China) in May and November 2018. CCL project staff recently traveled to Pu'er, Yunnan Province, for training on tea shaping / pressing and conditioning, and materials for this activity were commissioned to support these activities in the district of Nyot Ou. 




After 10 years of tea business in Nyot Ou, farmers benefit from the project results and progress along the value chain, from planting to processing, to a finished product.


During the last missions in May and November 2018, the understanding of different aspects of the dynamics of production and trade in the region has been updated and deepened, leading to the formulation of new recommendations in terms of activities and objectives to support  tea producers in Nyot Ou District.



2. Beneficiaries and Project location


The project is located in Nyot Ou district, Phongsaly Province and will benefit to at least 1000 tea producers families. 


3. Project Objectives 


Objective 1: The skills and knowledge of tea producers on processing and marketing techniques are strengthened, as well as their means.

Objective 2: The role of producers in defining and implementing marketing strategies is strengthened as well as their financial management capabilities.

Objective 3: The customary land rights of producers on the management of tea forests are recognized at the local level.

Objective 4: The environment for forest tea producers is preserved and responsible investment practices are promoted.


4. Project duration 


The new phase of the FAIR project will run from February 2019 to December 2019.


5. Project Partners


The project is implemented in collaboration with local authorities, including the district office of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment.