History and Expertise

CCL first started its activity in Lao PDR with small target actions in the areas of culture, audiovisual media, science teaching and health before launching bigger-scaled projects in the late 80's and specializing into rural development projects implementation. (discover our past projects here) 

1975 – 1980, the roots


In 1975, south-east Asia broke out in the Vietnam war. Laos swung into communism. The Lao People’s Democratic Republic was established in December 1975,  succeeding the Kingdom of Laos. Three years later, France and Lao PDR put their diplomatic relations on pause and all cooperative scientific projects were stopped.


After several consecutive visits of French development aid volunteers to Vientiane capital between the year 1979-1980, Comité de Coopération avec le Laos pour la science et l’éducation (CCLSE) was born. It was officially created on May, the 5th of 1981, and renowmed Comité de Coopération avec le Laos (CCL) afterwards.



1981 – 1991, a brand new cooperation with Lao pdr


A CCLSE delegation came to Vientiane from the 21st of September to the 2nd of October, 1981. During this journey, CCLSE and Lao State Committee for science and technique set up a cooperation program, defining strategic axes in the field of education, health, agronomy, audiovisual media, building & public works, computing, , statistics and information technology.


1982 is the year when diplomatic relation were restored between france and Lao PDR. the French Ministry for Foreign Affairs went through CCL to restore relationships and  restart cooperative projects. indeed, CCL members had maintain good relationships Lao PDR. CCL sent its first representative member  in the year 1984, based in Vientiane capital.


At first, CCL carries out very specific actions in the field of culture, audiovisual media, science teaching, . In the late 80's, CCL is implementing large-scale projects in Lao PDR, leading to further develop, diversify and expand its activities in Lao PDR.



1991 – 2005 : settlement, organization, operation


1991 : with growing activities and the need to better manage the budget of multiple projects, CCL set up a permanent office in Paris, France. 2 years later, the second office of CCL popped up in Vientiane. Since then, a project manager is permanently based there. The first manager of CCL operations was in charge of Nabong project, Mahosot project and the Cotton sector project. 


In the year 1996, CCL became to be more and  more  efficient, thanks to the knowledge accumulated since its creation and thanks to the expertise and knowledge of old cooperation aid volunteers CCL members.


The work of CCL NGO revolves  around 4 pillars :


+Support Lao pdr in the democratization and economic development process. Work hand in hand with Lao institutions to achieve a better development.


+Implement sustainable development projects to improve the livelihoods of Lao people. Our projects are based  on economic & environmental viability, transparency and good governance.


+Support the civil society and NGO networks through project management cycle training & technical training. 


+Lead an active public life, organize cultural events and strengthen friendship between Lao and French people.


In the year 2000, the permanent offices have increased their expertise in the rural sector and are being more efficient. At that time, the board committee decides to transfer the day-to-day administration from Paris to Vientiane. Since then, this is Vientiane office who handles the implementation and the coordination of CCL projects on the field. The Lao team is fully responsible of the financial management of all the projects.





Our expertise in rural development projects, our knowledge of Lao country and our historic bonds with the local communities and the local authorities is our major asset to implement and run new development projects. Indeed, we managed to build a relationship based on trust. CCL gained this trust after years of cooperation & thanks to meaningful projects, transparency and good results.


CCL has been capitalizing knowledge from the field since 1980, compiling research studies and publishing books from CCL collection (find our Books of Reference here). Our aim is to disseminate scientific researches, valuable writings and photographs related to Laos.


CCL counts numerous financial and technical partners in France and in Lao pdr to implement rural development projects on the long-term period (find our partners here).


CCL recently partnered with the National Institute of Oriental languages and Civilizations based in Paris, France, to host lecture cycles promoting Lao culture and innovative development actions in Lao PDR. (more about our conferences here).