>>> Who finances our projects ?

European union 


The European Union is a privileged partner to CCL, funding most of our projects: the NU-PCR project in Phongsaly (2014), the Poverty reduction project in oudomxay (2013), the Gofogo project led by Care and CCL in 6 provinces of Lao (2013) and the RFEG project in Xiengkhouang (2012). The EU is also funding our new project  Supa in Luang Namtha (2016).

Agence francaise de développement


The AFD is our historical partner who financed CCL first large scale project in Phongsaly district (1995). The French Agency for Development is our key ally to enhance further progress and development in Lao PDR.

Fondation Ensemble


The French foundation Fondation Ensemble was created by Gérard and Jacqueline Brémond in 2004. They count among our priviledged partners to implement large-scale projects in Lao PDR. Fondation ensemble is co-financing our Poverty reduction project in Oudomxay (2013) next to the European Union and les Amis lorrains du Laos.


Les Amis lorrains du Laos


The French association les Amis lorrains de Laos based in Saint-Nabord (Lorraine) has been a partner of CCL for many years. Les amis lorrains du Laos is taking part in our rural development action by funding our Poverty reduction project in Oudomxay (2013).


OXFAM Hong-Kong


Oxfam Hong-Kong is financing us on the NU-PCR project in Phongsaly (2010) to promote climate resilience in the northern uplands of Lao PDR next to the European Union. 

Action de Carême


Action de Carême is the work of  Swiss Catholic people. Ths Swiss foundation works to make a better world where men and women can live with dignity, without the threat of hunger. Action de carême operates wordwide to eradicate poverty and collaborate with CCL in Lao PDR. Action de carême is supporting us financially on the Poverty reduction project in Oudomxay (2013).